Welcome to Computer Graphics & Visualization Lab.

lab_logo.png   Computer Graphics deals with the computational generation of images and image sequences from given data, and Visualization addresses the issues of casting data to suitable representations. Moreover, Computer Haptics allows users to feel the data by touching.
  Our laboratory focuses on visualization and interaction researches by combining computer graphics and computer haptics. We are interested in medical data visualization, VR simulation, and 3D interface.

Recent News Highlights

August 21, 2014
We attended the 7th Korea Haptics Community Workshop (제7회 한국 햅틱스 연구회 워크샵) held in Kangwon National University, Chuncheon, Korea. Deokjae gave a presentation and a demonstration titled "Haptic Plug-in for Existing Interactive 3D Graphics Applications (기존 대화형 3D 그래픽 어플리케이션을 위한 햅틱 플러그인)", and Yongwan gave a presentation titled "Virtual Environment Design Methodologies for Natural Hand Interaction (자연스러운 핸드 인터랙션을 위한 가상 환경 디자인 방법론)".

July 19, 2014
Prof. Park attended the 3rd ISSiS(International Society for Simulation Surgery) Symposium held in Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea. She gave a talk titled "Virtual Reality coming from Medical Images".

July 14~18, 2014
We attended KCGS 2014 (한국컴퓨터그래픽스학회 2014 학술대회) held in Daemyung Resort, Byeonsan, Korea. Prof. Park served as a co-chair of the conference, and most of our lab members did voluntary works. Also Deokjae presented a paper titled "Haptic Plug-in for Existing Interactive 3D Graphics Applications (기존 대화형 3D 그래픽 어플리케이션을 위한 햅틱 플러그인)" (authors: Deok-Jae Song and Jinah Park), and Joong-youn presented a paper titled "Cache Enhancement Methods for Fast Pathline Computation Based on Ellipsoidal Distance Function (빠른 패스라인 생성을 위한 타원체 거리함수 기반 캐시 성능 향상 기법)" (authors: Joong-Youn Lee and Jinah Park).

July 11~12, 2014
We attended the 28th KSIIM Workshop (2014년도 대한의학영상정보학회 학술대회) held in Seoul National University Dental Hospital, Korea. Prof. Park gave an opening address of the KAIST Research Group of Future Emerging Technology on Medical Imaging Session. Also a collaborated work titled "Classification of EMCI & LMCI in Alzheimer's Disease Using Structural MRI and DTI" with CNI Lab (Dept. of Bio and Brain Engineering, KAIST) was presented at the session.
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