Welcome to Computer Graphics & Visualization Lab.

lab_logo.png   Computer Graphics deals with the computational generation of images and image sequences from given data, and Visualization addresses the issues of casting data to suitable representations. Moreover, Computer Haptics allows users to feel the data by touching.
  Our laboratory focuses on visualization and interaction researches by combining computer graphics and computer haptics. We are interested in medical data visualization, VR simulation, and 3D interface.

Recent News Highlights

March 2015
Stuart and Jaehyun joined CGV Lab. Welcome!

February 13, 2015
Jaeil received Ph.D., and Hojin received M.S. Congratulations!

December 18~20, 2014
Sekil attended the 41st KIISE Winter Conference (한국정보과학회 제41회 동계학술발표회) held in Phoenix Park, Pyeongchang, Korea. He presented a paper titled "Real-time Simulation of Seas and Swells (풍파와 너울에 대한 실시간 시뮬레이션)" (authors: Sekil Park, Jaeyong Oh, and Jinah Park). Also he and Prof. Park won a distinguished paper award from KIISE. Congratulations!

December 10~12, 2014
Prof. Park, Deokjae, and Taeho attended HCI Korea 2015 held in Seoul, Korea. Deokjae presented a paper titled "Haptic Rendering for 2D Application Interface by On-the-fly Layer Interpretation of GUI Element Images (GUI 요소 기반 이미지의 즉석 다층 해석을 통한 2D 인터페이스의 햅틱 렌더링)" (authors: Deok-Jae Song and Jinah Park). Also Taeho gave a presentation titled "3D interaction methods for medical applications: from the concept to the evaluation" at the doctoral consortium.
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