Welcome to Computer Graphics and Visualization Lab.

Computer Graphics and Visualization Lab.

Computer Graphics deals with the computational generation of images and image sequences from given data, and Visualization addresses the issues of casting data to suitable representations. Moreover, Computer Haptics allows users to feel the data by touching.

Our laboratory focuses on visualization and interaction researches by combining computer graphics and computer haptics. We are interested in medical data visualization, VR simulation, and 3D interface.

Recent News Highlights

December 23, 2017

We held the 2017 CGV Lab Workshop on Virtual Reality and Relevant Topics at Gyeryongsan Natural History Museum, Gongju, Korea.

December 20~22, 2017

We attended the Korea Software Congress 2017 held at BEXCO, Busan, Korea. Hyunyul presented a poster titled "Interactive Simulation of Brittle Fracture Phenomena based on a Mass-spring System (실시간 상호작용을 위한 질량-스프링 시스템 기반 취성 파괴 시뮬레이션)" (authors: Hyunyul Cho, Seokyeol Kim, and Jinah Park). In addition, Youngjin participated in the SW Implementation/Demo Contest as a member of the NLPCL*CGV team (members: Jung-Ho Kim, Youngjin An, Wonsuk Yang, Fitsum Gaim, Jinah Park, and Jong C. Park) and won the best demo award (2nd place). Congratulations!

December 15, 2017

Dr. Maria Wolters from School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh was visited to discuss a possible exchange program. She gave a talk on 'Research Overview' in the scope of 'Design Informatics.'

November 16~18, 2017

Kimin participated in the Korea Tech Show 2017 (2017 대한민국 산업기술 R&D대전) held at COEX, Seoul, Korea. He demonstrated a haptic tooth scaling simulator.