🎓 Welcome to Computer Graphics and Visualization Lab.

Computer Graphics deals with the computational generation of images and image sequences from given data, and Visualization addresses the issues of casting data to suitable representations. Moreover, Computer Haptics allows users to feel the data by touching.

Our laboratory focuses on visualization and interaction researches by combining computer graphics and computer haptics. We are interested in medical data visualization, VR simulation, and 3D interface.

📰 Recent News Highlights

August 19, 2021

The poster by Youjin Chung, Soonchan Park, Jinah Park, "Fashion object detection and segmentation using human representation contexts " has awarded Best Poster in BIEN 2021. Congratulations!

July 6 ~ 9, 2021

Jaehyun attended IEEE World Haptics Conference 2021 held at Virtual Conference (previously Montreal, Canada). Jaehyun presented interactive demonstrations titled "Interacting with Fluids Using Ultrasonic Mid-Air Haptic Device" authored by Jaehyun Jang and Jinah Park and "Using Mid-Air Tactile Patterns in Interactive Volume Exploration" authored by Jaehyun Jang, William Frier, Orestis Georgiou, and Jinah Park.

June 24, 2021

The paper by Wonjung Park, Youjin Chung, Soonchan Park, Jinah Park, "VACS: 패션 객체 영역 분할 기법을 통한 가상 착용 기술 아티팩트 보정 시스템 " has awarded 우수 논문상 in KCC 2021. Congratulations!

📢 Call For Paper

IEEE Haptics Symposium 2022
March 21 ~ 24, 2022
IEEE VR 2022
March 12 ~ 16, 2022

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