Implementation and Analysis on Whole-hand Haptic Interaction based on Hybrid Grasping Approach


The hand penetration problem which is an effect sinking into a virtual object is the most visually distracting artifact in grasping, and it is mainly caused by the incomplete physical capabilities of haptic devices and poor grasping manipulation. To address this problem, we have developed a realistic haptic interaction system, which consists of the new 6-DOF whole-hand hardware combined with a glove-type device, and propose a hybrid grasping method which intelligently uses both heuristic and physics-based approach.

Also we have studied about 'VR interaction-induced fatigue symptom.' We argue that the source of the fatigue comes from the restricted sensory information of the VR interfaces, and that users try to accommodate the missing sensory feedback by excessive motion leading to wrong posture or bad timing. By analyzing the behaviors of users' action collected from our experiment, we derive essential factors to be considered in designing VR applications, and propose a conceptual interaction model for orchestrating virtual grasping.

Haptic glove with a finger tracking glove

Simulation of virtual hand interaction

Car interior reviewing with a 6-DOF haptic device

Experimental environment of interactive 3D VR applications

Finger grip patterns of each subject

Conceptual interaction model for grasping control


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