Investigating the Effect of Texture on 3D Shape Perception

Sunghee Sunny Kim

June 13 (Mon) / 1:30 p.m.



Abstract :
One of the key objectives in visualization research is to design and implement algorithms that effectively communicate scientific data so that essential features of the data can be understood intuitively and accurately. As the volume of available information expands, it becomes more difficult to extract meaningful patterns from the data in its raw format. Effective visualization techniques construct a representation of the data that highlights important patterns that may not be readily apparent otherwise.
 This talk will first discuss the importance of understanding and correctly applying "visual perception" theory then  the effects of surface texture on the perception of three-dimensional shape. Experimental results will be presented from a series of user studies that seek to identify and explain the characteristics of texture patterns that facilitate shape perception of three-dimensional objects.


Sunghee Sunny Kim, Ph. D.

Assistant Professor in Computer Science, Gettysburg College




Ph.D. Computer Science University of Minnesota, 2004

M.S. Computer Science University of Minnesota , 1999.

B.S. Computer Science University of Utah , 1996.