Progressive Mesh Subdivision Method for Incision Simulator


Incision is one of the most critical actions in the medical treatment, and the constant practice is required to be skillful at it. Accordingly, researchers have strived to simulate the incision in the virtual environment. Recently, several methods for mesh cutting and deformation are presented to establish a realistic incision simulator. However, most of previous methods endure the alternative of inaccurate incision path or redundant primitives for their primary goal. These factors often affect the results of further simulation steps. To address this issue, we need to find the optimal trade-off between the accuracy and the complexity of the geometry in an acceptable time delay.

Through this research, we suggest a method for real-time mesh cutting while minimizing the unnecessary subdivisions. For faithful reflection of user's motion with a limited number of triangles, a turning point determination algorithm based on local curvature is applied to our system. In addition, we provide a quantitative incision skill assessment method based on the Fréchet distance.

Procedures of triangle subdivision on a case-by-case basis

Definition of curvature in proposed system

Subdivided triangles and groove generated along incision path

Comparison with other turning point determination methods

Video clip
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