News in 2017

December 23, 2017

We held the 2017 CGV Lab Workshop on Virtual Reality and Relevant Topics at Gyeryongsan Natural History Museum, Gongju, Korea.

December 20~22, 2017

We attended the Korea Software Congress 2017 held at BEXCO, Busan, Korea. Hyunyul presented a poster titled "Interactive Simulation of Brittle Fracture Phenomena based on a Mass-spring System (실시간 상호작용을 위한 질량-스프링 시스템 기반 취성 파괴 시뮬레이션)" (authors: Hyunyul Cho, Seokyeol Kim, and Jinah Park). In addition, Youngjin participated in the SW Implementation/Demo Contest as a member of the NLPCL*CGV team (members: Jung-Ho Kim, Youngjin An, Wonsuk Yang, Fitsum Gaim, Jinah Park, and Jong C. Park) and won the best demo award (2nd place). Congratulations!

December 15, 2017

Dr. Maria Wolters from School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh was visited to discuss a possible exchange program. She gave a talk on 'Research Overview' in the scope of 'Design Informatics.'

November 16~18, 2017

Kimin participated in the Korea Tech Show 2017 (2017 대한민국 산업기술 R&D대전) held at COEX, Seoul, Korea. He demonstrated a haptic tooth scaling simulator.

November 3, 2017

We attended the 10th Korea Haptics Community Workshop held at Kyung Hee University Global Campus, Yongin, Korea. Jaehyun presented a paper titled "Brittle Fracture Models for Haptic Rendering (햅틱 렌더링을 위한 취성 파괴 모델링 기법)," authored by Jaehyun Jang, Hyunyul Cho, Seokyeol Kim, and Jinah Park.

October 2017

The paper submitted by Prof. Sang-Youn Kim, an alumnus of our lab, was selected as a cover-page article of Applied Sciences. Congratulations!

September 25, 2017

The 37th CGV Seminar Series was held by Prof. Neil Roberts (University of Edinburgh, UK). He gave a talk titled "Recent Developments in Magnetic Resonance Elastography (MRE)."

September 16~19, 2017

Kimin participated in the Korea VR Festival (KVRF) 2017 held at Nuritkum Square, Seoul, Korea. He demonstrated a haptic tooth scaling simulator developed jointly with JK DENS.

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August 31 ~ September 1, 2017

We attended BIEN 2017 held at The Plaza Hotel, Seoul, Korea. We presented a total of 7 posters, and Kimin won a best poster award. Congratulations!

July 12~14, 2017

Jaehyun, Inwoo, Youngjin, and Jihoon attended KCGS 2017 (한국컴퓨터그래픽스학회 2017 학술대회) held at Shineville Resort, Jeju Island, Korea.

July 12, 2017

Prof. Park gave a keynote lecture at the 21st Medical Image Understanding and Analysis Conference (MIUA 2017), held at John McIntyre Centre, Pollock Halls, Edinburgh, UK. The title of the presentation was 'Model-based Approach to 3D Shape Recovery and Analysis.'

June 21~22, 2017

Kimin attended 2017 KICS Summer Conference (2017년도 한국통신학회 하계종합학술발표회) held at Ramada Plaza Jeju, Jeju Island, Korea. He gave a talk titled "치의학 의료기술 향상을 위한 한국인 표준 구강모델 및 가상시뮬레이션 시스템 개발" at the special session on human care contents.

June 5~10, 2017

Kimin and Seokyeol attended IEEE World Haptics 2017 held at Fürstenfeld Event Forum, Fürstenfeldbruck (Munich), Germany. Seokyeol presented a poster titled "Robust Haptic Exploration of Remote Environments Represented by Streamed Point Cloud Data" (authors: Seokyeol Kim and Jinah Park).

May 22, 2017

Seokyeol attended the CASA 2017 Workshop on Recent Developments and Challenges in Immersive Experiences and Digital Character Animation held at The-K Hotel, Seoul, Korea. He gave a talk titled "Collaborative Haptic Exploration of Remote Environments with Guidance Cues."

May 15, 2017

We celebrated Teachers' Day by having a dinner with alumni.

April 21, 2017

Prof. Park was awarded a Prime Minister's Citation Ribbon (국무총리표창) for the recognition of her contribution to the national promotion in Science and Technology, commemorating the 50th Science Day. The ceremony was held at the 2017 Science and ICT Day Celebration in Seoul.

April 19~21, 2017

Prof. Park, Joong-youn, Jaehyun, and Youngjin attended IEEE PacificVis 2017 held at Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea.

March 24~26, 2017

Prof. Park participated the 8th International Workshop on Pulmonary Functional Imaging (IWPFI 2017) held at Asan Medical Center, Seoul, Korea. She co-chaired Core Session: Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence.

March 9~10, 2017

Prof. Park, Kimin, and Stuart attended VR EXPO 2017 held at COEX, Seoul, Korea. Prof. Park gave a talk about haptic-based dental surgery simulators (Korean title: 햅틱 기반 VR 치과시술 시뮬레이터 개발 사례).

March 2017

Youngjin and Jihoon joined CGV Lab. Welcome!

February 17, 2017

Stuart received a master's degree, and Yungi received a bachelor's degree. Congratulations!

February 13~14, 2017

Seokyeol attended the 4th IEEE International Conference on Big Data and Smart Computing (BigComp 2017) held at Maison Glad Jeju, Jeju Island, Korea. He presented a paper titled "Principal Elements for Visualizing Event Sequence Data Applied to 3D Cascading Diagrams" (authors: Youngju Oh, Seokyeol Kim, and Jinah Park).

February 10~17, 2017

Prof. Park attended SPIE Medical Imaging 2017 held at Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld, Orlando, Florida, United States.

February 8~10, 2017

Seokyeol and Yungi attended HCI Korea 2017 held at High1 Resort, Gangwon-do, Korea. Seokyeol presented a poster titled "Real-time Haptic Interaction with Remote Environments based on Network Streaming (RGB-D 영상 데이터의 네트워크 스트리밍을 통한 원격 환경과의 실시간 햅틱 상호작용)" (authors: Seokyeol Kim and Jinah Park), and Yungi also presented a poster titled "User-centered 3D VR workspace supporting eye-hand co-located kinesthetic haptic feedback (일치된 시각-역감 피드백 제공을 통한 사용자 중심의 3차원 가상환경 작업공간 구현 기법)" (authors: Yungi Jang and Jinah Park).

February 2, 2017

We attended the HCI@KAIST Workshop 2017 held at KAIST. Seokyeol presented a poster that was previously published at ICCAS 2016 (title: A Unified Virtual Fixture Model for Haptic Telepresence Systems based on Streaming Point Cloud Data and Implicit Surfaces).

January 31, 2017

Dr. Yongwan Kim gave a tutorial on fundamentals and applications of virtual reality. He also demonstrated several latest VR headsets such as Microsoft HoloLens.

January 18~22, 2017

Taeho and Seoyoung attended the International Forum on Medical Imaging in Asia (IFMIA) 2017 held at Tenbusu Naha, Okinawa, Japan. Seoyoung presented a paper titled "Modeling 3D Cell Nucleus by Template-based Deformable Model with Confined-region Determined by Cellular Characteristics" (authors: Seoyoung Kim, Taeho Kim, and Jinah Park), and Taeho presented a poster titled "3D foot posture quantification using articular surface information from the template-based deformable model" (authors: Taeho Kim, Doojae Lee, Dong Yeon Lee, and Jinah Park).