News in 2010

  • 2010. 12. 15 ~ 18
    We attended SIGGRAPH Asia 2010 held in Seoul, Korea. Seokyeol presented a poster titled "Progressive Mesh Cutting for Real-time Haptic Incision Simulator" (authors: Seokyeol Kim, Jihwan Park, and Jinah Park).

  • 2010. 12. 3
    Our lab members attended KAIST Workshop on Neuroimaging and Brain Mapping held in Daejeon, Korea. We served on the staffs of the workshop.

  • 2010. 11. 27
    Jaehyun and Seokyeol attended the 4th KHC Workshop (제4회 햅틱스 연구회 워크샵) held in POSTECH, Korea. Jaehyun gave a presentation titled "Virtual Dental Simulator for Cavity Filling Training" (authors: Jaehyun Cho and Jinah Park).

  • 2010. 11. 21 ~ 25
    Jaehyun, Seok, Mihee, and Soonchan attended ACM VRST 2010 held in Hong Kong.

  • 2010. 11. 19
    Prof. Park gave an invited seminar talk on "Exploring Computer Haptics applied to Visualization Research" to the School of Computing at Edinburgh Napier University.

  • 2010. 11. 12
    Kimin and Jaehyun visit to Seoul National University Bundang Hospital. They had an opportunity to experience the diagnosis and rehabilitation process of Alzheimer's disease.

  • 2010. 11. 11 ~ 12
    Prof. Park attended the 7th Workshop on Virtual Reality Interaction and Physical Simulation, held in University of Copenhagen. She gave an invited tech-talk ( ) on 'Computer Haptics in Simulation for Virtual Training and Rehabilitation.'

  • 2010. 11. 10
    The poster titled ‘Multi-modal Assessment and Treatment to Retain and Enhance Human Performance in Ageing’ (authors: Jong C. Park, Jinah Park, Ki Woong Kim, and Joon-Kyung Seong) was presented at the SBFSBMN Workshop on Discerning Diversity in Ageing, held in Informatics Forum, University of Edinburgh.

  • 2010. 11. 5
    Lab members went hiking to Gyejok Mountain, Daejeon, Korea.

  • 2010. 11. 2
    Prof. Park attended the 3rd annual Informatics DEMOfest, a technology showcase of Scottish Informatics and Computer Science.

  • 2010. 9. 27
    Jaeil and Seokyeol attended the 13th Korea-Germany Joint Workshop on Advanced Medical Image Processing held in Ewha Womans University, Korea. Seokyeol presented a paper titled "Progressive Subdivision Scheme for Virtual Incision Training" (authors: Seokyeol Kim and Jinah Park).

  • 2010. 9. 19 ~ 25
    Kimin, Jaeil, and Seokyeol attended MICCAI 2010 held in Beijing, China.

  • 2010. 9
    Our FDC student team (25A - Avatar) won the prototype award from last semester. Congratulations!

  • 2010. 8. 5 ~ 6
    We attended the 7th Workshop on Immersive Haptic Media (제7차 몰입형 햅틱미디어 워크샵) held in Mayhills Resort, Gangwon-do, Korea. We enjoyed rafting in Dong-gang (river). Also Seokyeol gave a presentation about the Virtual Learning System with Haptic Interaction.

  • 2010. 7. 28
    We visited Boston Dental Clinic in Seoul. We observed a tooth extraction, and experienced a tooth drilling and an incision in person.

  • 2010. 7. 6
    Our laboratory was moved from Munji Campus to KI (KAIST Institute) Building in Main Campus.

  • 2010. 7. 3
    Jaeil and Mihee attended KSIIM Joint Workshop (의학영상정보 분야 공동학술대회) 2010 held in KINTEX, Gyeonggi-do, Korea. Jaeil presented a paper and a demonstration titled "Quantiative measures for rib fracture detection on chest x-ray (흉부 X-Ray에서 늑골 골절 검출을 위한 정량적 측정 방법)" (authors: Jaeil Kim, Kwang Gi Kim, Chang Bu Jeong, and Jinah Park). Also he gave a tutorial titled "Introduction of ITK and VTK (ITK/VTK 이해와 기본사용법)".

  • 2010. 7. 1 ~ 2
    Prof. Park attended Visual Computing for Biology and Medicine (VCBM) held in Leipzig, Germany. She presented a poster on "Feeling the Vein for Intravenous Injection Preparation" (co-author: Seok Kim).

  • 2010. 6. 26
    Jihwan got married. Congratulations!

  • 2010. 6. 18
    Prof. Park gave an invited talk on "Virtual Reality for Medical Simulation" at The Health Avatar Project Symposium of the Korean Society of Medical Informatics Spring Conference held at Catholic Medical Center in Seoul.

  • 2010. 5. 29
    The 22nd CGV Seminar Series was held by Dr. Yun Jang (ETH). He gave a presentation titled "Visualization with Functions".

  • 2010. 5. 25 ~ 28
    Seok and Seokyeol attended ITRC Forum 2010 held in COEX, Seoul, Korea. We gave a demonstration titled "Virtual Sculpting Simulator using Voxel Model".

  • 2010. 5. 19
    Prof. Park gave a colloquium talk, titled “Data Visualization and Interaction” at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in POSTECH.

  • 2010. 4. 23
    We had a picnic at Hanbat Arboretum.

  • 2010. 4. 16
    Prof. Park gave a talk on virtual reality for children of Daejeon Sangi Elementary School to promote science. Many students had fun with haptic demonstration.

  • 2010. 4.
    Jaehyun Cho joined CGV Lab. Welcome!

  • 2010. 2. 26
    Yeseul received MSE and Mihee received BSE. Congratulations!

  • 2010. 2. 23
    The 9th Korea-Singapore Joint Workshop ( was held in Oh Sang Soo Seminar Room at KAIST. In particular, our lab invited two distinguished scholars from National University of Singapore, Prof. Daniel Racoceanu and Prof. Wee Kheng Leow.

  • 2010. 2. 23
    Kimin and Seok attended The 3rd KHC Workshop (제3회 햅틱스 연구회 워크샵) held in Daejeon, Korea. Seok presented a paper titled "Haptic Rendering Based on Penetration Depth for Intravenous Injection Simulation (정맥 주사 시뮬레이션을 위한 깊이 기반 햅틱 렌더링)" (authors: Seok Kim, Jihwan Park, and Jinah Park). Also Kimin gave a demonstration of implant simulator.

  • 2010. 2. 22
    Seok won a best TA award for 2009 fall semester. Congratulations!

  • 2010. 1. 27 ~ 29
    We attended HCI Korea 2010 held in Pheonix Park, Korea. Jaeil presented a paper titled "All-actions-in-one-hand interface for 3D systems and glove interface (3차원 시스템과 글러브 인터페이스를 위한 "All-actions-in-one-hand" 인터페이스)", authored by Jaeil Kim and Jinah Park, and Seokyeol presented a paper titled "HaptiBody Navigator - XML-based Multimodal Contents Playback System for Human Anatomy Study (HaptiBody Navigator - XML 기반의 인체 학습용 멀티모달 컨텐츠 재생 시스템)", authored by Seokyeol Kim and Jinah Park.

  • 2010. 1. 17 ~ 24
    Yeseul attended VDA 2010 held in San Jose, USA. She presented a paper titled "Interactive Visualization of Fuzzy Set Operations" (authors: Yeseul Park and Jinah Park). [Best Paper Award from VDA 2010]

  • 2010. 1. 14
    Deepak gave a presentation about his work during the internship. Also we had a farewell party for Deepak.