News in 2008

  • 2008. 12. 30
    We had a "CGV Vision Workshop" at Gyeryongsan Natural History Museum.

  • 2008. 12. 23
    The 17th CGV Seminar Series was held by Prof. Helen Hong (Seoul Women's University). She gave a lecture on "Image Registration Techniques and its Applications to CAD".

  • 2008. 12. 12
    Prof. Park participated the 8th Korea-Singapore Workshop on Bioinformatics and NLP held at National University of Singapore (NUS). She gave a keynote speech on "Visualization, Simulation and Interaction".

  • 2008. 12. 9 ~ 15
    Prof. Park, Seokyeol and Seok attended SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 held in Singapore.

  • 2008. 11. 21
    The 16th CGV Seminar Series was held by Mr. Young Min Park (SK C&C INDEPENDENCE). He gave a lecture titled "TV 광고, 애니메이션을 위한 CG제작 프로세스와 제작사례".

  • 2008. 10. 23 ~ 26
    Prof. Park and Kimin attended ASIAGRAPH 2008 held in Tokyo, Japan. They presented a paper titled "Virtual Bone Drilling for Dental Implant Training" (authors: Kimin Kim and Jinah Park).

  • 2008. 10. 14 ~ 17
    Yongwan and Kimin attended ICCAS 2008 held in Seoul, Korea. Yongwan presented a paper titled "Two-Stage Articulated Hand Interaction for Virtual Assembly Simulation" (authors: Yongwan Kim, Wookho Son and Jinah Park), and Kimin presented a paper titled "Volume-based Haptic Model for Bone-drilling" (authors: Kimin Kim, Ye-Seul Park and Jinah Park).

  • 2008. 10. 3
    The paper titled "Automated 3D Heart Segmentation by Search Rays for Building Individual Conductor Models" (authors: Jaeil Kim, Seokyeol Kim, Kiwoong Kim and Jinah Park) was accepted for poster presentation at SPIE MI 2009.

  • 2008. 9. 20 ~ 27
    We attended The 11th Germany-Korea Joint Workshop on Advanced Medical Image Processing held in Incheon, Korea. Jaehwan presented a paper titled "Embedded Spring-Mass on S-Chain model for Real-time Haptic and Volumetric Deformable System" (authors: Jaehwan Cho and Jinah Park), and Jaeil presented a paper titled "Level-set based Precise Slice Segmentation under MITK" (authors: Jaeil Kim, Klaus Fritzsche, Daniel Maleike, Hans-Peter Meinzer and Jinah Park).

  • 2008. 9. 8 ~ 9
    Yunkyu attended Korea e-Science AHM 2008 held in Daejeon, Korea. He presented the paper titled "PINGO: Integrated Visualization System for Protein-protein Interaction Network and Gene Ontology" (authors: Yunkyu Choi, Seok Kim, Gwan-Su Yi, Jinah Park).

  • 2008. 8. 26
    Seok finished the intership course at the ETRI. He participated in the resesarch work related to geographic information system.

  • 2008. 8. 9 ~ 17
    Kimin and Yeseul attended SIGGRAPH 2008 held in Los Angeles, California.

  • 2008. 8. 8
    The 15th CGV Seminar Series was held by Prof. Wonsook Lee (University of Ottawa). She gave a lecture on "Collision Detection Techniques in the Evaluation of Femoroacetabular Impingement".

  • 2008. 7. 28
    Prof. Mark Steedman and Prof. Bonnie Webber from University of Edinburgh visited our lab.

  • 2008. 7. 7 ~ 9
    Yunkyu, Seokyeol and Seok attended KCGS 2008 SUMMER held in Shineville Resort, Jeju. Seokyeol presented a paper titled "Automated 3-Dimemsional Heart Segmentation by Search Rays" (authors: Seokyeol Kim, Jaeil Kim and Jinah Park), and Seok presented a paper titled "Visualization and Analysis of Gene Ontology" (authors: Seok Kim, Yunkyu Choi, Gwansu Yi and Jinah Park).

  • 2008. 7. 7 ~ 9
    Prof. Park attended ISMBS (International Symposium on Computational Models for Biomedical Simulation) 2008 held in Imperial College, London.

  • 2008. 6. 30 ~ 7. 2
    Jinah Kim and Yunkyu Choi attended Korea Computer Congress (KCC) 2008 held in Pheonix Park, Kangwon. Jinah presented a paper titled "Geo-Visualization of Storm-Surge Study based on Web-GIS" (authors: Jinah Kim, KS Park, J Kwon and Jinah Park), and Yunkyu presented a paper titled "Research on Protein Interaction Network Visualization Tool Combined with Gene Ontology" (authors: Yunkyu Choi, Seok Kim, Gwansu Yi and Jinah Park).

  • 2008. 6. 21
    We attended KSIIM Joint Workshop 2008 held in Yonsei Severance Hospital, Seoul. Prof. Park chaired the 3D imaging session. Kimin, Yeseul and Jaehwan gave a demonstration about "Real-time haptic rendering of volume deformation and modification (햅틱 렌더링을 위한 장기와 뼈의 실시간 변형 모델)", and Jaeil presented a paper on "Automatic heart 3D segmentation system using heart area detection with search rays and deformable model with simplex mesh (자동 심장 세그멘테이션을 위한 Search Rays 기반 심장 위치 정보 검출 및 Simplex Mesh 가변 모델)". Also Kimin, Yeseul and Jaehwan won the Philips Best Demonstration Prize. Congratulations!

  • 2008. 6. 14 ~ 15
    We had a joint-MT at Eoseom Resort. NLP*CL Lab from KAIST was also participated.

  • 2008. 5.
    Our research proposal to KOSEF Basic Science Research Project was selected. The topic is "Development of a Computer Haptics Software Workbench for Surgery Simulation", and the total of 280 million won will be granted for the three-year project.

  • 2008. 5.
    Jaeil is accepted to the KOSEF-DAAD program, which supports 2 months abroad study in Germany. He will be a visiting student at German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg.

  • 2008. 5. 16
    CGV Research Lab demonstration (visitors: Profs. JH Ryu, SC Jeon, HS Ahn, KH Ko from GIST, Prof. J Kim from KAIST, Prof. SM Choi from POSTECH, and students (YM Lim & Mr. BC Lee) from GIST)

  • 2008. 5. 1
    Homecoming! Alumni Sekil, Jihwan, Seongyoon, and Daeseok (and Dongwook)

  • 2008. 4.
    The paper titled "Research on Protein Interaction Network Visualization Tool Combined with Gene Ontology" (authors: Yunkyu Choi, Seok Kim, Gwansoo Lee, and Jinah Park), and the paper titled "Geo-Visualization of Storm-Surge Study based on Web-GIS" (authors: Jinah Kim, KS Park, J Kwon and Jinah Park) were accepted for oral presentation and poster presentation, respectively, at Korea Computer Congress (KCC) 2008.

  • 2008. 3. 28
    Jaeil, Kimin and Prof. Park attended the 1st Haptics Sig Workshop held in Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST).

  • 2008. 3. 28
    Prof. Park gave a talk on "Data Visualization" for IC Colloquium of GIST Department of Informatics and Communications.

  • 2008. 3. 15
    Alumni Sekil Park became a father of a boy. Best wishes to his family!

  • 2008. 3. 2
    Yongwan Kim's paper titled "6DOF Whole-Hand Haptic Interaction System based on Hybrid Grasping Approach" (coauthors: Yongseok Jang, Wookho Son, Jinah Park) has been accepted for poster presentation at EuroHaptics 2008 to be held in Madrid.

  • 2008. 2. 18
    Markus Haense joined CGV Lab as an exchange student for Spring term. Welcome!

  • 2008. 2. 13 ~ 15
    We attended HCI 2008 Conference held in Phoenix Park, Kangwon.

  • 2008. 1.
    Seok Kim and Seok-Yeol Kim joined CGV Lab. Welcome!