News in 2007

  • 2007. 12. 20
    We had a "CGV Lab Winter Workshop" at Gyeryongsan Natural History Museum. Tak-eun Kim from KAIST showed his work as other lab students gave a information of their researching.

  • 2007. 12. 15
    The paper titled "Force Shading using Height Map for Virtual Tak-bon Simulation" (authors: Yeseul Park, Jinah Park) is accepted for poster presentation at HCI 2008.

  • 2007. 12. 15
    The paper titled "Human body learning system using multimodal and user-centric interfaces" (authors: Kimin Kim, Jaeil Kim and Jinah Park) is accepted for oral presentation at HCI 2008.

  • 2007. 11.
    The paper titled "Monitoring the Evolutionary Aspect of the Gene Ontology to Enhance Predictability and Usability" (authors: Jong C. Park, Tak-eun Kim and Jinah Park) is accepted for oral presentation at LBM2007. The paper will appear in BMC Bioinformatics (SCI IF=4.894).

  • 2007. 11. 2
    Yeseul and Kimin attended "Computing in the 21st Century" Conference, sponsered by MSRA.

  • 2007. 10. 26 - 27
    Yeseul attended KIISE 2007 Fall Conference held in Busan University.

  • 2007. 10. 25
    Dongsun Shin gave a talk on 3D Body Modeling using Maya.

  • 2007. 10. 23
    Laehyun Kim, Ph.D., Senior Researcher in Intelligent Interaction Research Center, KIST gave a talk on Haptic Rendering Technique Based on Hybrid Surface Representation.

  • 2007. 9. 21
    The paper titled "Virtual Engraving and Frottage Simulation with Haptic Feedback" (authors: Dongwook Lee, Yeseul Park, Jinah Park) was accepted as a poster presentation at the KIISE 2007 Fall Conference.

  • 2007. 8. 23
    Daeseok receiverd a master’s degree in computer science.

  • 2007. 8. 10
    Prof. Park gave a talk on 'My Science Story' Expo at Korea Science Festival 2007 held in Illsan for Young Students.

  • 2007. 8. 3 - 11
    Kimin, Jaeil, and Jaehwan attended SIGGRAPH 2007 held in San Diego, California.

  • 2007. 6. 25 -
    Jaehwan Cho takes the intership course at the ETRI. He participates in the resesarch work related to Augmented Reality Project.

  • 2007. 6.30 - 7. 8
    Prof. Park attended 10th Korea-Germany Joint Workshop on Advacned Medical Image Processing held in Lubeck and Jena, Germany.Prof. Park presented the paper titled "Hybrid Deformable Model for Volumetric Haptic Rendering and Surface Graphic Rendering"

  • 2007. 6. 25 - 6. 26
    Daeseok, Jaeil, Kimin, Yunkyu, and Yeseul attended Korea Computer Congress 2007 held in Muju. Daeseok presented his thesis work on 'spray paint simulation'. The paper was selected as one of excellent papers to be published in the journal of Korea Information Science Society.

  • 2007. 6. 18
    Yeseul Park and Yunkyu Choi joined CGV Lab. Welcome!

  • 2007. 6. 13
    Jaeil and Kimin visited Ajou University School of Medicine.

  • 2007. 5. 30 - 31
    Prof. Park attended Microsoft Research Asis Gaming & Graphics Workshop held in Beijing, China.

  • 2007. 5. 18
    Prof. Park gave a tutorial on 'Virtual Surgery' at the Spring Symposium of Korea Multimedia Society, held in Han-nam University.

  • 2007. 5.
    The paper titled "A Hybrid Approach for Real-time Haptic and Graphic Simulator in Virtual Environment" (authors: Sang-Youn Kim, Sekil Park, DS Kwon, Jinah Park) was accepted for oral presentation at the 16th IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication 2007 (IEEE RO-MAN 2007).
    The paper titled "Real-time Spray Painting Simulation" (authors: Dae Seok Kim, Jinah Park) was accepted as one of distinguished papers for oral presentation at the Korea Computer Congress 2007.The paper will be published at the Journal of Korea Information Science Society.

  • 2007. 3. 19.
    Prof. Park, Daeseok, Jaehwan, Kimin, and Jaeil attended a seminar held in ETRI by prof. Srinivasan, a director of MIT Touch Lab. He gave a talk on "HAPTICS: SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND HCI APPLICATIONS".

  • 2007. 3. 9 - 3. 16
    Daeseok attended IEEE Virtual Reality conference held in Chalotte, North Carolina, USA. Daeseok presented the poster titled "Visualizing Spray Paint Deposition in VR training".

  • 2007. 2. 22.
    Prof. Park gave an invited talk on "Real-time volume haptic rendering" at GIST (Gwangju Institue of Science and Technology).

  • 2007. 2. 20
    Yongwan Kim joined CGV Lab. Welcome!

  • 2007. 2. 5 - 2. 8
    CGV lab members attended HCI2007 held in Phoenix Park, Gangwon, Korea.

  • 2007. 1. 28 - 2. 1
    Prof. Park and Seongyoon Cho attended the IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging (Visualization and Data Analysis 2007) held in San Jose, California USA. Seongyoon Cho presented the paper titled "A Visualization Method for Ontology based Distance Measure on Relation Network".

  • 2007. 1. 19.
    The 7th CGV Seminar Series was held by Dr. Ki-uk Kyung. He presented a seminar on "State-of-the-Art and R&D Perspectives on Haptics".

  • 2007. 1.
    The paper tiled "Real-time area-based haptic rendering and the augmented tactile display device for a palpation simulator" by SY Kim, KU Kyung, Jinah Park and DS Kwon was accepted for publication in Advanced Robotics, Vol.21 No.10, July 2007.

  • 2007. 1.
    Jaeil Kim and Kimin Kim joined CGV Lab. Welcome!