News in 2006

  • 2006. 12. 23.
    1st CGV lab workshop was held and all members had a year-end party. Jinah Kim, Daeseok Kim, Jaewhan Cho, Yeasul Park and Seokyeul Kim presented their research works.

  • 2006. 11.
    Prof. Park and Daeseok attended IEEE Visualization held in Baltimore Maryland USA, October 29 - November 3, 2006. Prof. Park was a member of Conferece committee.

  • 2006. 9. 27.
    Seongyoon's paper titled "A Visualization Method for Ontology based Distance Measure on Relation Network" is accepted as oral presentation for IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging (Visualization and Data Analysis 2007). Congratulations!

  • 2006. 9. 25-26.
    Prof. Park, Jaehwan Cho and Jinah Kim attended the 9th Germany-Korea Joint Workshop on Advanced Medical Image Processing. Prof. Park chaired the session 'Image Analysis I' and presented the paper of "Non-rigid Registration of Lung Through-plane Motion", p.130 (authors: Jinah Kim and Jinah Park).
    Sangyoun Kim also presented the paper titled "Effects of Kinesthetic and Tactile Feedback on Palpation Simulators", p.29 (authors: Sangyoun Kim and Jinah Park).

  • 2006. 9. 5.
    Prof. Park gave a lecture on 'Medical Imaging' at the IT Patent Examiners Education Center (IPEEC).

  • 2006. 9. 4.
    Dongwook's paper titled "Enhanced 3D Interaction with Augmented Visual Information" is accepted as full paper for ICAT 2006. Congratulations!
    Only 130 papers out of 522 papers are accepted for Congerence Proceedings, which will be published by LNCS this year.

  • 2006. 9. 1.
    Prof. Park chaired the session 'Image Processing, Analysis and Visualization' at World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering 2006 held at COEX in Seoul.

  • 2006. 9.
    The paper titled "Real-time area-based haptic rendering and the augmented tactile display device for a palpation simulator" by Sang Youn Kim, KU Kyung, Jinah Park and DS Kwon was accepted for publication in Advanced Robotics.

  • 2006. 8. 28.
    Jaewhan Cho joined CGV Lab. Welcome!

  • 2006. 8. 24.
    Sekil Park, Dongwook Lee and Seongyoon Cho received MSE. Congratulations!

  • 2006. 8. 21.
    CGV lab participated in ICE-ETRI OpenLab 2006 ( We had 7 student visitors who were interested in our lab presentation.

  • 2006. 8. 10.
    Prof. Park gave a special lecture on Medical Image Data Visualization to the gifted students who attended the 1st International IT Camp held in ICU.

  • 2006. 8.
    Daeseok started Internship at ETRI (Virtual Reality Research Team, Digital Contents Research Division). Good luck!

  • 2006. 8. 1.
    Seongyoon Cho joined Daewoo Electronics. Good luck!

  • 2006. 7. 30.- 8. 3.
    Prof. Park attended Volume Graphics Symposium and ACM Siggraph 2006 held in Boston. She also visited MIT Media Lab.

  • 2006. 7. 10.-11.
    The paper titled "Real-time area-based haptic rendering for a palpation simulator" (authors: KU Kyung, Jinah Park, DS Kwon, SY Kim) was presented by Prof. SY Kim at the International Symposium on Biomedical Simulation held in Zurich, Switzerland.

  • 2006. 7. 1.
    Sekil Park joined Siemens Corp. Good luck!

  • 2006. 6. 30.
    Deaseok and Youngwoo (from HCI lab) successfully delivered the Paint Spray Simulation program to ETRI. Good job!

  • 2006. 6. 23.
    Prof. Park attended 'Science Technology Innovation in Daedeok Innopolis Development Workshop', held in Yusong.

  • 2006. 5. 3.
    The 6th CGV Seminar Series was held by Prof. Soo-Mi Choi. She presented a seminar on "Ambient Interaction and Emotion Interface for U-Life".

  • 2006. 3. 29.
    Prof. Park delivered an invited talk on "Biomedical Simulation" at the 11th Information Communications Application Technology (ICAT) Workshop in Seoul, sponsored by Korea Information Processing Society (KIPS).

  • 2006. 3. 11.-13.
    Prof. Park and Daeseok visited Samsung Heavy Industries in Geoje. Prof. Park and Daeseok made an experiment for a project commited by ETRI.

  • 2006. 3. 5.
    Prof. Park and Daeseok attended the Digital Animation Seminar held in Seoul.

  • 2006. 3. 1.
    Sang Youn Kim joined Korea University of Technology and Education as a faculty member. Congratulations, Professor Kim!

  • 2006. 2. 22.
    Prof. Park attended 5th Korea-Singapore Workshop on Bioinformatics and NLP held in National University of Singapore.

  • 2006. 2. 16.
    Jihwan Park received MSE. (Congratulations!)

  • 2006. 2. 15.
    "Show Mirror" project from DML received the Design Award at HCI Korea conference. Dongwook was one of the main contributors for the project. Congratulations!

  • 2006. 2. 12.-15.
    CGV lab members attended HCI2006 held in Phoenix Park, Gangwon, Korea. Daeseok presented a paper on "An ambient display for hearing impaired people", Sekil presented a paper on "3D Virtual Engraving with Haptic Feedback", and Dongwook presented a paper on "Role of Viewing Parameters in Minimizing Depth Perception Problem". Prof. Park gave a talk on "Real-time Haptic Rendering for Soft Objects" at Haptic Interaction Workshop.

  • 2006. 1. 16.-17.
    Daeseok Kimattended 4th International Symposium on Computing and Media Studies held in Kyoto University.

  • 2006. 1. 7.
    The fifth CGV Seminar Series was held by Sang-Youn Kim, Ph.D. He gave a talk on "Haptics : Let’s feel the Touch Sensation".

  • 2006. 1. 7.
    Jihwan joined Daewoo Electronics. Good luck!