News in 2005

  • 2005.12.5.-8.
    Dongwook Lee attended ICAT 2005 held in University of Canterbury, Christchurch, NZ and presented a poster on the depth perception. He also visited HITLabNZ.

  • 2005.11.24.-26.
    Prof. Park, Seongyoon and Daeseok attended The LBM2005 held in KAIST.

  • 2005.11.11.
    Prof. Park was invited to give a talk on “Virtual Surgery” at the New Technology Seminar Series of Chosun University in Gwangju.

  • 2005.11.10.
    CGV lab members had a little retreat at CGV Movie Theater.

  • 2005.11.05.
    Seongyoon presented his work on “Investigating graph drawing algorithms: Towards visualizing biological pathway relations” during the Ubiquitin-Project seminar.

  • 2005.10.27.-28.
    Prof. Park, Jihwan and Kim Jinah attended IEEE Visualization 2005 held in Minneapolis, MN, USA. Kim Jinah presented a poster on her work at KORDI, and Prof. Park presented a poster on the area-based haptic evaluation study. Jihwan attended as a Student Volunteer. This year’s signage was designed by our group (special thanks to Seounyun). See pictures here.

  • 2005.10.23.-28.
    Sekil Park and Dongwook Lee presented "Render Your Dream" at ICU Pride.

  • 2005.09.29.
    The paper titled "Non-rigid Registration of Dynamic Deformable Volumetric Data using Thin-plate Spline" by Jinah Kim and Jinah Park was accepted for publication at The Korean Society of PACS transaction 2005; Vol.25. pages 61-67.

  • 2005.09.26.
    The paper titled "Adjusting Viewing Parameters for Efficient and Accurate 3D Interaction,"(poster) by Dongwook Lee and Jinah Park was accepted at 15th International Conference on Artificial Reality and Telexistence (ICAT), Christchurch, New Zealand, December 2005.

  • 2005.09.22.-24.
    Prof. Park attended International Conference on Bioinformatics 2005 held in Busan. See pictures here.

  • 2005.08.26.-29.
    Prof. Park gave an oral presentation on "Real World in Virtual Space: Utilizing 3D graphics for geometry-aware services in ubiquitous computing environment” (coauthored by Sekil Park, Hyungjin Kim, and Jinah Kim) at the 13th ICWES (International Conference on Women Engineers and Scientists) 2005, held in Seoul. She received Travel Award for the outstanding presentation at the conference. Participants from 53 countries were attended the conference.

  • 2005.08.22.
    Daeseok Kim joined CGV Lab. (Welcome!)

  • 2005.08.16.-19.
    Global IT Vision Camp was held in ICU. 11 students were joined to CGV Team for project "3D Medical Image Data Rendering". Prof. Jinah Park , Sekil Park, Jihwan Park, and Jaehwan Cho helped them for 4 days. You can see pictures here.

  • 2005.07.31.-08.05.
    Prof. Park attended SIGGRAPH 2005 (the 32nd International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques) held in LA Convention Center. She also visited USC Integrated Media Systems Center.

  • 2005.07.04.-08.
    Prof. Park completed Game Programming course, which was taught by Dr. James Kuffner(CMU), at Advanced Institute of Information Technology. See pictures here.

  • 2005.07.01.
    Prof. Jinah Park, Jihwan Park and Sekil Park visited CGVR Lab in Inha University. Prof. ByungSeok Shin and his students at Inha University showed us their works about GIS, VKH(Visible Korean Human), Virtual Endoscopy/Arthroscopy, Point Rendering and Triangulation.

  • 2005.06.25.
    Jinah Kim presented "2D/3D Non-rigid Registration of Volumetric CT Lung Data using Thin-plate Spline." (coauthored with Jinah Park) at the HEALTHCOM 2005.

  • 2005.06.20.
    Dongwook Lee begins his internship at KORDI(Korea Ocean Research & Development Institute)

  • 2005.06.16-23.
    Professor Park and Dr. Sang Youn Kim attended the 8th Germany-Korea Workshop on Advanced Medical Image Processing in Berlin, Germany. Professor Park gave a promotion talk on the SOFA project, and Dr. SY Kim presented our research work on the haptic simulation.

  • 2005.06.13.
    The 4th CGV Seminar Series was held by Yun Jang - "Procedural Volume Encoding" - and Sunghee Sunny Kim - "Investigating the Effect of Texture on 3D Shape Perception".

  • 2005.05.20.
    Sekil Park attended OpenHaptics Toolkit Seminar held in GIST.

  • 2005.05.13.
    CGV members went hiking to Gyejok mountain. See our pictures here.

  • 2005.04.25.
    The 3rd CGV Seminar Series was held by prof. Jong-Cheol Park. Prof. Park presented "Induced Extension of Gene Ontology and Related Work".

  • 2005.04.11.
    The 2nd CGV Seminar Series was held by prof. In-Young Ko. Prof. Ko presented "Multithreading in Java".

  • 2005.04.06.
    Dongwook Lee visited Korea Ocean Research & Developement Institute.

  • 2005.03.23.
    The First CGV Seminar Series was held by prof. Jung Kim. Prof. Kim presented "The role of Haptics in engineering and medicine".

  • 2005.02.20-22.
    Prof. Park gave an invited talk on "3D visualization for information Extraction" at the 3rd Korea-Singapore Joint Workshop on Bioinformatics and Natural Language Processing, held in Muju Resort, Jeonbuk, Korea. [photo]

  • 2005.02.21.
    Seongyoon Cho, Jihwan Park and Dongwook Lee joined CGV Lab. (Welcome!)

  • 2005.02.17.
    Jinah Kim received MSE. (Congratulations!)

  • 2005.02.12-17.
    Jinah Kim attended SPIE Medical Imaging held in San Diego, California USA.

  • 2005.02.02.
    Jinah Kim presented "3D Non-rigid registration of volumetric data using thin plate splines" (coauthored with Jinah Park) at the HCI 2005 Conference.

  • 2005.02.01.
    Hyoungjin Kim presented "Design of Interactive System based on 3D Geometry Model for Smart Home" (coauthored with Jinah Kim, Sekil Park, Jinah Park) at the HCI 2005 Conference.

  • 2005.01.31.
    Prof. Park gave a tutorial on "3D Graphics Rendering" at the HCI 2005 Conference.

  • 2005.01.31-02.03.
    Prof. Park, Jinah Kim, Sekil Park, and Hyoungjin Kim attended HCI 2005 Conference at EXCO in Daegu, and participated in SID project demo with HCI Lab of ICU and Design Media Research Lab of KAIST. [photo]

  • 2005.01.26-29.
    Prof. Park attended MMVR13 (The 13th annual Medicine Meets Virtual Reality conference) held in Long Beach, California, USA. [photo]

  • 2005.01.17.
    Prof. Park participated the First ICT Regional Workshop on VR held in Ewha Womans' University. [photo]

  • 2005.01.
    Jinah Kim joined Korea Ocean Research & Development Institute as research engineer. (Congratulations!)

  • 2005.01.
    Sang-youn Kim joined Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology. (Congratulations!)