News in 2004

  • 2004.12.29.
    We had a year-end party with
    CBio Lab and HCI Lab. [photo]

  • 2004.12.
    The paper titled "The Real-Time Haptic Simulation of a Biomedical Volumetric Object with Shape-retaining Chain Linked Model" by Sang-Youn Kim, Jinah Park and Dong-Soo Kwon was accepted for publication at IEICE transaction on information and systems.

  • 2004.12.15.
    Sekil Park attended the 8th meeting of Society for the 3D Medical Image Research held in

  • 2004.12.01.
    Heung Sik Kang (President of
    SNUBH) gave a talk on 'Application of Imaging and Information Technology in Medicine' at the 6th 'University Hour' held in Supex Hall, ICU.

  • 2004.11.30.
    The paper titled "Smart Architectural Surfaces: Modularized Platform for Polymorphic Functional Changes and Multimodal Interations" written by Seongju Chang, Hyoungjin Kim, Jaedo Jung, Youngjai Kim and Manjai Lee was presented at
    ICAT 2004, the 14th International Conference on Artificial Reality and Telexistance, COEX, Seoul, Korea.

  • 2004.11.29.
    Prof. Park, Jinah Kim and Sekil Park attended a seminar on "Virtual Colonoscopy" by
    Arie E. Kaufman (Department of Computer Science, State University of New York at Stony Brook) held in KAIST.

  • 2004.11.25-26.
    Seunghwan Lee exhibited his work on "3D cyber campus tour" supervised by Prof. Park at Undergraduate Project Exhibition held in Lecture Wing Lobby, ICU.

  • 2004.11.
    The paper by Sang-Youn Kim, Jinah Park and Dong-Soo Kwon, "Real-time Haptic Rendering of a High-resolution Volumetric Deformable Object in Collaborative Virtual Environment," was accepted for publication at Advanced Robotics.

  • 2004.11.02.
    CGV Lab Logo is born. Thank you Hyungjin for your contribution!

  • 2004.10.06-08.
    Hyungjin attended
    Pacific Graphics 2004 held in Seoul.

  • 2004.10.06.
    Prof. Park gave an invited talk on "Medical Image Visualization and Simulation" at the
    Korea Supercomputing Workshop 2004 (KISTI).

  • 2004.09.03-05.
    Hyoungjin Kim attended Digital Animation Technology Seminar & Workshop, which was led by animators and developers from
    PDI/Dreamworks, in Kookmin University. [photo]

  • 2004.09.
    Hye-Min Chung entered
    MIT Media Lab to pursue a master's degree.

  • 2004.08.24-26.
    Jinah Kim, Sekil Park and Hyoungjin Kim took part in
    Maya(AliasWavefront) training course presented by M·One Tech.

  • 2004.08.08-12.
    Prof. Park attended
    SIGGRAPH 2004 (the 31st International conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques) which was held in Los Angeles, California, USA. [photo]

  • 2004.07.14.
    Prof. Park made a presentation at IT ThinkNet Forum on the topic titled "Virtual Reality meets Medicine".

  • 2004.07.05-06.
    Prof. Park, Sang-Youn, Sekil, and Hyoungjin participated in the 2nd SIGCG Workshop at Ocean Castle in Ahn-myun-do. [
    photo] We took an advantage of the beautiful setting and had the first MT! [photo] Kimjinah could not join us due to an unfortunate accident.

  • 2004.07.02.
    Hyoungjin attended NLWCG2004 (National Laboratory Workshop on Computer Graphics) which was held in Seoul. The topic was mainly on the motion animation by the CG lab at KAIST.

  • 2004.06.17-18.
    Prof. Park attended the International Symposium on Medical Simulation held at CIMIT in Cambridge, MA, USA. She presented the poster titled "Mechanical Representation of Shape-retaining Chain Linked Model for Real-time Haptic Rendering". She also visited Media Lab at MIT. [

  • 2004.05.28.
    We visited Dept. of Anatomy, Ajou Univ. School of Medicine.

  • 2004.04.
    "A Graphics Tool for Curating Molecular Interaction Networks from the Literature" is accepted for the publication in Computers in Biology and Medicine.

  • 2004.04.
    Hyoungjin Kim joined CGV Lab.

  • 2004.03.
    "Information Visualization with Text Data Mining for Knowledge Discovery Tools in Bioinformatics" was accepted for publication at Key Engineering Materials.

  • 2004.03.30.
    Prof. Park and Jinah Kim attended in the seminar on Motion Capture. (Mediawork© )

  • 2004.03.27-31.
    The paper titled "Multiple-Contact Representation for the Real-time Volume Haptic Rendering of a Non-rigid Object" was presented by Sang-Youn Kim (coauthored with Jinah Park, Dong-Soo Kwon) at the 12th Symposium on Haptic Interfaces for Virtual Environment and Teleoperator Systems (IEEE Virtual Reality 2004) Chicago

  • 2004.02.16-18.
    The paper titled "Palpation Simulator for Laparoscopic Surgery with Haptic Feedback" was presented by Sang-Youn Kim (coauthored with Jinah Park DS Kwon) at the IASTED Int'l Conference on Biomedical Engineering (BioMed 2004) Innsbruck, Austria.

  • 2004.02.27.
    Prof. Park gave a special lecture on "Medical Data Visualization" to the IT gifted school students who visited ICU.

  • 2004.02.16-20.
    Jinah Kim and Sekil Park take part in
    Maya(AliasWavefront) training course at Shinsegae I&C CG division.

  • 2004.02.09-12
    The paper titled "Data-Oriented Customized Visual Navigation" was presented by Changsu Lee (coauthored with Jinah Park, Jong C Park) at the 13th HCI Conference (Phoenix Park, Korea).

  • 2004.02.02
    Sekil Park joined CGV Lab.

  • 2004.01.
    The paper titled "Case Study: Visualization and Analysis of Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Pathways in the Literature" was presented by Changsu Lee (coauthored with Jinah Park, Jong C Park) at the Int'l Conference on Visualization and Data Analysis (SPIE Electronic Imaging), San Jose, USA