News in 2003

  • 2003.12.16.
    Prof. Park gave a talk on "Real-time volume deformation" at the 7th Conference of the 3D Medical Imaging Society, held in Seoul National University Bundang Hospital.

  • 2003.12.10.
    Prof. Park and Kimjinah attended Ubiquitous Computing Symposium held in Seoul.

  • 2003.11.28.
    Prof. Park gave a seminar on "Volume Haptic Rendering" at the Department of Information and Communications, Kwangju Institute of Science and Technology (KJIST).

  • 2003.11.13-15.
    Prof. Park presented the paper "Information Visualization in Three-dimensional Space for Text Data Mining," (coauthored with Changsu Lee, Jong C. Park) at the International Women's conference on BIEN Technology: The converging of Bio, Information, environment, Energy and Nano Technology, which was held in Daejon.

  • 2003.10.21.
    Prof. Park chairs the poster presentation session at the International Workshop on Digital Watermarking 2003 held in Seoul.

  • 2003.10.16-17.
    German scientists from Heidelberg, Munich, Leubeck, Aachen and Berlin visited Daeduk-science-valley. Prof. Park hosted their tour to the research labs in the area and also arranged a Korean music (Jangku) lesson for the visitors.

  • 2003.10.14.
    Prof. Park chairs the 'Visible Human Project' session at the 7th Korea-Germany Joint Workshop on Advanced Medical Image Processing in Seoul. Kimjinah also attended the workshop.

  • 2003.10.14. 
    The paper titled "Behavior Evaluation of the Shape-Retaining Chain Linked Model" was presented by Sang-Youn Kim (coauthored with DS Kwon and Jinah Park) at the 7th Korea-Germany Joint Workshop on Advanced Medical Image Processing in Seoul.

  • 2003.09.
    The paper titled "Mediatory Visualization for Structured Data and Textural Information," was presented by the coauthors Jong C. Park and Changsu Lee at the International Conference on Visualization, Imaging and Image Processing, which was held in Spain.

  • 2003.09.27-28.
    Kimjinah receives a special training about Motion Capture and Animation System at AliasWavefront's Maya Training Center in Mokwon University. (arranged by INSOLUTION, M-ONE TECH)

  • 2003.09.
    Kimjinah begins her internship at ETRI.

  • 2003.08.18-22.
    Kimjinah takes part in Maya(AliasWavefront) training course.(

  • 2003.06
    The paper titled "Area-Contact Haptic Simulation" (coauthored with SY Kim and DS Kwon) was published in LNCS 2673: Surgery Simulation and Soft Tissue Modeling.

  • 2003.05.24.
    Prof. Park received the 1st Distinguished Teaching Award.

  • 2003.05.01.
    CGV home page opens on-line

  • 2003.04.22.
    Prof. Park gave an invited presentation on "Physically motivated deformable model" at the 4th International Workshop on Medical Robotics (KAIST)

  • 2003.04.
    Jinah Kim joined CGV lab.

  • 2003.02.11.
    Prof. Park gave a tutorial presentation on 'Visualization' at Human Computer Interaction Conference (Phoenix Park)

  • 2003.02.05.
    Prof. Park gave a special lecture on 'Virtual Reality' at the Camp for the gifted high school students (ICU)

  • 2003.01.
    The paper titled "Deformation modeling: A methodology for analyzing handaxe morphology and variability" by Prof. Park (coauthored with A. Nowell, K. Park and D. Metaxas) is published in the book 'Multiple approaches to biface variability' edited by M. Soressi and H. Dibble, University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology Publications.

  • 2003.01.09-13.
    Special lecture - Prof. Park on 'Algorithms' to Teachers for IT gifted students (ICU).

  • 2003.01.
    Computer Graphics and Visualization Laboratory (CGV Lab) opens!