Fall 2009

CS204 Discrete Mathematics (Undergraduate course)

This course is to help students become familiar with essential mathematical concepts that are frequently employed in computer science. Topics covered in the course range from basic languages of discrete mathematics, such as sets and relations, to more advanced topics, such as graph theory, Boolean algebra, and automata.

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CS482 Computer Animation (Undergraduate course)

This course is designed to cover both the theory and practice of the 3D computer graphics techniques focusing on modeling and rendering. We will also touch on animation, dynamics and simulation. Students will learn the technical background in lecture time and practice the subjects in lab sessions under Maya environment. As a term project, all students are expected to create a 3D CG scene and generate an animation.

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Spring 2009

ICE 0653 Computer Haptics (Graduate course)

The word 'haptic' refers to 'the sense of touch'. Computer haptics is the growing discipline that deals with computation of touch sensation by allowing a user to intuitively interact with the virtual world as if the virtual world is tangible. This course covers fundamentals and design for haptic device and current state-of-the-art haptic rendering algorithms, Applications of haptic rendering will be also investigated. Students are expected to present a technical paper or book chapters in class for discussion, and learn haptics programming for application development.

The class page is located at CyberICU.

Undergraduate Project (UP) (Undergraduate course)

  • Lim, Sung Sik - Virtual Stethoscope for Human Body Learning

Independent Study (IS) (Undergraduate course)

  • Lee, Jang-Won - Cubical Marching Squares Algorithm on 3D Medical Application
  • Yeom, Jiho - Information Visualization