Fall 2008

ICE 1255 Computer Graphics (Undergraduate course)

This course aims at providing a broad introduction to the field of Computer Graphics. Topics include geometric objects and transformation, viewing, shading, rendering, modeling, texture mapping, animation and visualization. Through a series of programming assignments, students will become familiar with interactive 2D and 3D graphical display concepts.

The class page is located at CyberICU.

ICE 1355 Computer Animation (Undergraduate course)

This course is designed to cover both the theory and practice of the 3D computer graphics techniques focusing on modeling and rendering. Students will develop an interactive 3D computer game to practice the theories and techniques covered in class and during the lab sessions.

The class page is located at CyberICU.

Undergraduate Project (UP) (Undergraduate course)

  • Interaction Network with Gene Ontology - Cho, Kyong-il
    Propose some methods to find useful forms on PPIN by using GO data set, and make the visualization tool.

  • Particle based Fluid Simulation – advecting water in 2D - Yeo, Kyeong Hwan
    Study about real time simulation for fluid object and implement simulation in which water is advected in 2D.

  • 3D Medical Image Visualization - Jo, Mi Hee
    This project aims to implement the 3D medical visualization system by volume rendering and isosurfacing methods using VTK.

Summer 2008

Independent Study (IS) (Undergraduate course)

  • Physical simulation & collision detection - Yongrok Kim
  • Non-photorealistic rendering - Jina Kim

Spring 2008

ICE 0609 Computer Graphics (Graduate course)

This course provides a fundamental understanding of essential concepts of 3D interactive computer graphics. Focusing on 'real-time rendering'techniques, we will learn the graphics rendering pipeline, transformation, shading, lighting, image-based rendering, and acceleration and optimization algorithms. Other topics include non-photorealistic rendering, some modeling issues of geometric data representation, and collision detection. Students are expected to complete various programming assignments with OpenGL and a technical paper presentation in class.

The class page is located at CyberICU.

Independent Study (IS) (Undergraduate course)

  • Collision detection - Soonchan Park
  • Haptic rendering - Kyunghwan Yeo