Fall 2003

ICE 1255 Computer Graphics (Undergraduate course)

This course aims at providing a broad introduction to the field of Computer Graphics. Topics include geometric objects and transformation, viewing, shading, rendering, modeling, texture mapping, animation and visualization. Through a series of programming assignments, students will become familiar with interactive 2D and 3D graphical display concepts.

Lecture Overview

Summer 2003

ICE1351 GUI Programming (Undergraduate course)

This course introduces Graphical User Interface(GUI) programming. User interact with modern application programs using graphical components such as windoes, buttons, text boxs, and menus. It requires an immense amount of computer processing for these components to be displayed and manipulated. Fortunately, there are toolkits available for developers to utilize in designing the GUI's. Students will learn the basic principles of GUI programming and also get hands-on experience on how to design and to develop a GUI application using JAVA AWT and Swing toolkit throughtout the course.

Spring 2003

ICE 0609 Computer Graphics (Graduate course)

This course provides a fundamental understanding of essential concepts of 3D interactive computer graphics. Focusing on 'real-time rendering'techniques, we will learn the graphics rendering pipeline, transformation, shading, lighting, image-based rendering, and acceleration and optimization algorithms. Other topics include non-photorealistic rendering, some modeling issues of geometric data representation, and collision detection. Students are expected to complete various programming assignments with OpenGL and a technical paper presentation in class.