List of Articles
No. Subject
219 Domestic Conference Current research on 3D organ shape modeling and its applications 2014. 10. 26 
218 International Conference Brain Ventricular Morphology Analysis Using a Set of Ventricular-Specific Feature Descriptors 2014. 10. 16 
217 International Conference Anatomical landmark and region mapping based on a template surface deformation for foot bone morphology 2014. 09. 19 
216 International Conference Novel surface modelling of the brain’s third ventricle reveals local morphological differences in an ageing sample 2014. 09. 04 
215 Domestic Conference Cache Enhancement Methods for Fast Pathline Computation Based on Ellipsoidal Distance Function (빠른 패스라인 생성을 위한 타원체 거리함수 기반 캐시 성능 향상 기법) 2014. 07. 15 
214 Domestic Conference Classification of EMCI & LMCI in Alzheimer’s Disease Using Structural MRI & DTI (자기공명영상과 확산텐서영상을 이용한 Early와 Late 경도 인지장애 구분) 2014. 07. 11 
213 International Conference Automatic hippocampal multimodal assessment for studies of stroke and small vessel disease 2014. 07. 09 
212 Domestic Conference A Real-time Simulation Environment for Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle with Particle-based Fluid Model (수중 로봇 제어 알고리즘 검증을 위한 파티클 기반의 실시간 유체 시뮬레이션 환경 구축) 2014. 05. 29 
211 International Journal 3D Object Manipulation Using Virtual Handles with a Grabbing Metaphor 2014. 05 
210 International Journal Template-based landmark and region mapping of bone 2014. 04. 08 
209 Domestic Conference Real-time Simulation of Haptic Interaction between Fluid Media and Soluble Objects based on Unified Particle Model (실시간 햅틱 상호작용을 위한 통합 입자 모델 기반의 유체 및 용해성 강체 시뮬레이션) 2014. 02. 12 
208 Domestic Conference 3D Smart Selection Brush: Interactive Free-form Volume-of-Interest Selection (3차원 Smart Selection Brush: 자유로운 형태의 대화형 관심 볼륨 영역 선택 기법) 2014. 02. 12 
207 Domestic Conference An Interface for Object Assembly in 3D Virtual Environment using Two Hands Mid-air Interaction (3차원 가상 환경에서의 객체 조립을 위한 양손 공간 인터랙션 기반 인터페이스) 2014. 02. 12 
206 International Journal Study on interaction-induced symptoms with respect to virtual grasping and manipulation 2014. 02 
205 Patent System and method for providing virtual handle with grabbing metaphor (쥠 입력수단을 이용한 가상 핸들 제공 시스템 및 방법) 2014. 01. 21 
204 Domestic Journal Open Source Library for Medical Image Processing: Review on ITK (의료 영상 처리를 위한 오픈 소스 라이브러리: ITK 리뷰) 2013. 12 
203 International Conference Cache Enhancement Methods for Out-Of-Core Pathline Computation 2013. 10. 13 
202 Domestic Journal Quantitative Measurement Method for Possible Rib Fractures in Chest Radiographs 2013. 09. 30 
201 Domestic Conference Medical Imaging Segmentation and Registration using ITK 2013. 07. 11 
200 Domestic Conference Lateral Ventricle의 형상 복원 및 분석에 대한 연구 및 고찰 2013. 07. 11