List of Articles
No. Subject
259 Domestic Conference VR Haptic Painting (VR 햅틱 페인팅) 2016. 11. 04 
258 Domestic Conference Haptic Exploration of Dynamically Changing Remote Environments based on Point Clouds and Gestural Guidance (포인트 클라우드 및 제스처 기반 햅틱 가이드를 통한 동적 원격 환경 탐색) 2016. 11. 04 
257 International Conference A Unified Virtual Fixture Model for Haptic Telepresence Systems based on Streaming Point Cloud Data and Implicit Surfaces 2016. 10. 16 
256 International Conference Haptic Exploration of Remote Environments with Gesture-based Collaborative Guidance 2016. 10. 15 
255 Domestic Conference The Context-based Viewpoint Selection of Treelike Structures (트리 구조의 문맥 기반 뷰 포인트 선택 방법) 2016. 08. 25 
254 Patent A Haptic Plug-in System and Method for Implementing Haptic Plug-in for Existing Interactive 3D Computer Graphics Applications (기존 대화형 3D 컴퓨터 그래픽 응용프로그램에 햅틱 입출력 기능을 부가하기 위한 햅틱 플러그인 시스템 및 방법) 2016. 08. 18 
253 International Conference Weight-Bearing 3D Foot Model Reconstruction From Standing Radiographs Using Deformable Surface Fitting Method 2016. 07. 20 
252 Domestic Conference Smooth Sea State Transition Simulation using the Interpolation of Component Waves (성분파 보간을 이용한 부드러운 해상 상태 변화 시뮬레이션) 2016. 06. 29 
251 Patent 기존 2D 그래픽 사용자 인터페이스 환경에 대한 범용 햅틱장치의 상호작용 적용 및 이를 통한 사용자의 행동 특성 데이터 수집 시스템 및 방법 2016. 06. 27 
250 International Conference Weight-bearing 3D foot reconstruction from standing radiograph using deformable surface fittiing 2016. 06. 23 
249 International Journal 3D shape analysis of the brain's third ventricle using a midplane encoded symmetric template model 2016. 06 
248 Domestic Journal Z-Clutching: Interaction Technique for Navigating 3D Virtual Environment Using a Generic Haptic Device 2016. 03. 31 
247 International Conference Template-based automatic extraction of the joint space of foot bones from CT scan 2016. 02. 27 
246 International Conference Reliable measurement of 3d foot bone angles based on the frame-of-reference derived from a sole of the foot 2016. 02. 27 
245 International Conference Optical diffraction tomography using a digital micromirror device for stable measurements of 4D refractive index tomography of cells 2016. 02. 13 
244 Domestic Conference Multi-layered Radial Table for Visualizing Origin-Destination Data (OD 데이터 시각화를 위한 다중 계층 래디얼 테이블) 2016. 01. 27 
243 Domestic Conference An Integrated Smart Lock System Using Randomized Hand Gesture Interaction on an AR interface as an Authentication (증강현실 인터페이스상의 무작위 핸드 제스쳐 인터랙션을 인증수단으로 활용하는 통합 스마트 도어락 시스템) 2016. 01. 27 
242 Patent Method and apparatus for selecting 3-dimensional volume and medical imaging device using the same (3차원의 볼륨 영역 선택 방법 및 장치, 그리고 이를 이용하는 3차원 의료 영상 장치) 2016. 01. 13 
241 Domestic Conference Differences in hippocampal surface and white matter structure in early and Late MCA: ADNI Study 2015. 11. 13 
240 Domestic Conference V-Kitchen: Bimanual Haptic VR Interaction for Patients with Cognitive Impairment 2015. 11. 06