List of Articles
No. Subject
30 International Journal A Graphic Tool for Curating Molecular Interaction Networks from the Literature 2005 
29 International Journal Real-time Haptic Rendering of a High-resolution Volumetric Deformable Object in Collaborative Virtual Environment 2005 
28 International Journal The Real-Time Haptic Simulation of a Biomedical Volumetric Object with Shape-retaining Chain Linked Model 2005 
27 Domestic Conference Design of Interactive System based on 3D Geometry Model for Smart Home (스마트 홈을 위한 3차원 기하 모델 기반 상호작용 시스템 디자인) 2005 
26 Domestic Conference 3D Non-rigid Registration of Volumetric Data using Thin Plate Splines (박판 스플라인을 이용한 볼륨 데이터의 3차원 비강직 정합 기법) 2005 
25 Domestic Conference I/O Flash: Spatial Interaction Device for Intuitive Manipulation in Ubiquitous Computing Environment (I/O Flash: 편재적 컴퓨팅 환경에서 직관적인 조작을 위한 공간적 인터랙션 디바이스) 2005 
24 Domestic Conference On 3-D Visualization for Information Extraction 2005 
23 Domestic Conference Introduction to Collaborative Development of an Open Framework for Medical Simulation 2005 
22 Domestic Conference Real-time Haptic Simulation of Palpation in Laparoscopic Surgery 2005 
21 International Conference 2D/3D Non-rigid Registration of Volumetric CT Lung Data using Thin-plate Spline 2005 
20 International Conference Real Word in Virtual Space: Utilizing 3D Graphics for Geometry-Aware Services in Ubiquitous Computing Environment 2005 
19 International Conference Scientific Visualization of Time-Varying Oceanographic and Meteorological Data using VR 2005 
18 International Conference Evaluation of Areal Touch Feedback for Palpation Simulation 2005 
17 International Conference Tuning viewing parameters for efficient and accurate 3D interaction 2005 
16 International Conference Tuning viewing parameters for efficient and accurate 3D interaction 2005 
15 Domestic Journal Non-rigid Registration of Dynamic Deformable Volumetric Data using Thin-plate Spline (박판 스플라인을 이용한 동적 가변형 볼륨 데이터의 비강직 정합 기법) 2005 
14 Domestic Journal Medical Simulation : Virtual Surgery (의료 시뮬레이션: 가상 수술) 2005 
13 International Conference Case Study: Visualization and Analysis of Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Pathways in the Literature 2004 
12 Domestic Conference Data-Oriented Customized Visual Navigation (데이터 중심의 사용자 개별적 시각 탐험) 2004 
11 International Conference Palpation Simulator for Laparoscopic Surgery with Haptic Feedback 2004