Real-time Deformable Models and Interaction Techniques for Medical Simulation


In medical education, much training is advisable before real medical practice since operating on actual patients causes many medical errors. The current medical trainings have been done with cadavers and laboratory animals which is expensive and raises ethical issues. Therefore, our project proposes the medical simulation for training cheaper, more safe and easier than the current medical trainings.

The physics based accurate deformable model, volume data based modeling and haptic feedback will accomplish realistic simulation. Since they have a big computational complexity, we should accomplish optimized and heuristic algorithms for real-time simulation. As a result, proposed hybrid model will handle the high resolution volumetric objects with haptic feedback and show the realistic deformation in real-time.

Dual deformable model that consists of the mass-spring model and the S-chain model

Adaptive mass-spring model

Overview of the hybrid deformation method

Deformation of the S-chain model (left) and the mass-spring model (middle and right)

Deformation of the liver model consisting of heterogeneous tissues


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